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Health Talks & Workshops


Take Your Employee Wellbeing to the Next Level
As an employer, what do you want from your teams? As a starting point, perhaps you want them to be productive and
engaged with their work. But have you considered the impact employee wellness has on your productivity and employee
In recent years, there has been a significant increase in awareness around the importance of employee wellness.
Employers are spending more resources implementing processes and safeguards to protect team members' physical
and mental health and ensure their happiness.
Wellness Art offer guaranteed non-boring, interactive, comprehensive, customized, physician-reviewed wellness and
health programs designed to lower health care cost and improve the overall health of your employees. 
We offer comprehensive range of health talks and workshops, from General Health, Mental Health, Diet & Nutrition and
Fitness & Exercise. Apart from our regular programmes, companies can contact us for customised talks/workshops to
suit your corporate needs. 

Join us online for a thought-provoking Virtual Talks
Throughout the year, we bring a diverse array of experts and advocates to lead talks and workshops about scientific,
cultural, and social justice topics. While we normally gather at the office, we're offering these talks virtually
throughout these stay-at-home weeks or month

Here are some examples of different health talks which Wellness Art provide,  however a wide range of health
topics are available at the employers request.
These sessions generally take around 45 mins to 1 hour per topic and can beconducted on-site or virtually.
However, as the health talks can be tailored, alternative talk times and locations can be arranged. 
The most popular topics amongst the Corporate Wellness Program are listed below:
  •   Work From Home Strategies (Your Body Matters)
  •   Managing Pain: It Doesn't Have to Hurt 
  •   Reset Your Mind in New Times
  •   Preventing Burnout
  •   Destress Self-Massage Workshop
  •   Food VS Stress
  •   Mobility & Flexibility: It’s More Than Just Touching Your Toes
  •   Power Hour : Workouts for Building the Perfect Body

No matter where your company is on your wellbeing journey today, our solutions are designed to
grow with you. 

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